My project is live!

Busy like a little bee. That’s been me for the last 6 months and now more than ever. Why? Because I’ve changed careers and am now proud to call myself “hotelier”! Yes, I’ve started a small… well, not really sure how to label us – hostel? guesthouse? B&B? Find it very difficult with the labeling. In Swedish I call us “Gästhem” – guest home. Lotshuset Gästhem. I like it, it’s not very commonly used. But I find it a warm and welcoming word.

In and on the Swedish Tourist organisation site (Hostelling International) we’re a hostel (the smallest one in Sweden!). A high end one, I guess. Here you will always find a made up bed and breakfast served with an unbeatable sea view. I don’t have a restaurant but there is one around the corner, I can otherwise cater unless our guest like to prepare their own meals in our little kitchen.

In the little historical building (built 1861) we have three guest rooms and three bathrooms, a communal kitchen, small sitting areas up in the tower and a small attic sitting room for rainy days. All carefully renovated. We also have a large terrace for those long Nordic summer days.

Anyway, we’ve only been in business for three weeks! It’s all exciting, overwhelming and hard work 🙂 And if you feel like visiting we’re less than an hour away from Umeå, European Capital of Culture 2014 (mentioned as a must visit destination 2014 by both NY Times and Lonely Planet)

I share some pictures with you. What do you think?












Tutu Thursday

Thursday is tutu day. Pink tutu day to be exact.

At 9:15 AM A. has toddler dance. So on Thursday morning I am always rushing across town to be on time at danspeuterdans. A. is always very excited. But it is not only the class that gets her excited. There is something – if not more – that gets her jumping.

The classes are taught at the Kinderkookcafe (Childrens Cooking Cafe). In this cafe kids can ‘make’ their own food. One option – the one which A. loves – is to decorate your own cupcake.  So on our way over the negotiations already start. “So mom if I dance really well can I have a cupcake, with the candies, and the scissors”. Yes the cupcake comes with scissors to cut the candy, a paintbrush to add icing all available at the help-yourself-bar. (Isn’t it great when they put all those things kids want at a level they can easily reach…). When her class ends she, and the rest of her class, storm out to the help-yourself-bar to make cupcakes. Saying “no” is almost impossible. So this is what we do on Thursday mornings. Eat cupcakes in pink tutus surrounded by many many more tutus. Luckily when she’s dancing mom can enjoy a coffee in the Vondelpark.


Rockabye-baby in House of Fraser! 8-26 May

If you are London based, then I want to urge you to visit House of Fraser in Oxford Street during the 8-26th of May! During two weeks ten brands will set up a POP up shop as part of The Great Retail Revival and the one with most sales (on the floor and online) during the period will win one years concession. For an a small brand this is a huge prize and just to be one of the ten finalists is a great achievement.

I’m very proud of our friend Emma of Rockabye-baby to have made it to the top ten and hope she wins! I think she is awesome!

Follow Emma’s daily videos counting down to the launch of her POP HOF shop! Here is a taste of them:

You can also follow Rockabye-baby on Facebook.


The miracle of life

So I haven’t been posting a lot. Basically because the last year has been all about babies & pregnancy.

After A. we decided we’d love for her to have a brother or sister only it proved to be quite a ride.

We jumped with joy when we learned right after A.’s first birthday that I was pregnant again.

Only to learn 10 weeks later that the heart stopped beating.

Ok, that happens. Next time will be better. I am 36 (now 37 but whose counting… ) so we can expect some challenges.

Little did we know that 2012 & 2013 would be a sequence of positive pregnancy tests, ultrasounds with heartbeats, morning sickness, followed by ultrasounds without heartbeats, numerous visits to the hospitals, tests, surgeries, statistics, and hormones flying through the roof.

And then on August 31 2013 again a positive test. Fourth in a row. Nauseous not from morning sickness but from joy combined with fear. You want to be happy, but do you dare. How long will happiness last this time – 4 weeks, 8, 12 or maybe, hopefully the full nine months. Well not the full nine months – but 34 weeks was enough. Guess our girl knew how excited we are for her, so she surprised us with an early visit. Hello Faye – we’ve been expecting you. A. is thrilled to have a little sis.



DIY flow

I must be on a DIY flow, remember I mentioned my DIY list? Well, I can cross out the book origami if I want to (but I don’t because I’m hooked! I have too many books and this is a perfect gift when going to dinner parties for example).

And like this isn’t enough I’m so glad I finally found the motivation to clean the oven, which was way overdue.

Anyway, what do you think? 🙂