I can’t stop myself!

The best excuse for baking lots (and eating) is Christmas. That’s what we do. We start four weeks before at the first “Advent” and just continue for the entire holy month of December. There are glögg parties, pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies), saffronbread/buns in so many delicious different variation, and the food ofcourse, the salmon, meatballs, tiny […]

Life, Oh Life!

  A little lady finally asleep! It’s been one of those days when she wants full attention, and preferably be held all the time. That’s kind of hard when you also have to take care of a three year old (even if it’s an understanding one), cook, do the laundry… and dream of some mummy […]

Friday “mys”

In Sweden we have something we call “fredagsmys”. Translated it’s something like “cosy Friday”.  In particular popular with families. The typical “fredagsmys” to finish the working week consists of taco/fajita dinner, wine for mum and dad,  followed by crisps and soft drinks in front of the TV watching Idols, or later in the winter Let’s […]

Pretty in Pink

I’m not a pink lady. The chance of catching me wearing pink or something flowery is very slim. I’m more the blue jeans marine stripes type of girl. Love blues. And so does Ava. Well, she doesn’t really have a say in that yet, but as I dress her, she likes blue. Blue clothes, blue […]