Trying some responsible shopping

Shopping is definitely what I’d call a hobby, even though I try to be sensible about it. Consuming things I don’t (or my children for that matter) really need doesn’t really go with me trying to be environmentally conscious. I’m sure this is a problem for a lot of people.

Since I became a mum, thinking of the future of our planet concerns me more. Guess it has to do with the whole “what kind of world and problems will our kids and grandkids inherit” argument. So, now I try to at least think twice before buying. I’ll be honest sometimes it doesn’t work, but sometimes it does. For our home, we’ve actually done a succesful switch to buying furniture for the longer term. Buy things we really like, even if they cost more. The idea is to buy only think we will like and enjoy for a long time.

We have sold a lot of our surplus stuff at local fleamarkets and at the Swedish Ebay equivalent  Tradera and Blocket (the nr.1 second hand marketplace). A lot of kids clothes I don’t think I want my daughter to inherit but are in good shape I sell off at Tradera. The danger here is that one tend to buy here too, it’s just hard not too! So, to make a long story short. Below you can see a few of my latest finds: a two piece from Katvig (though I think I will not use them together, a bit too much apple going on then) and a longsleeve tee from Molo. Me very pleased!



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