Friday “mys”

In Sweden we have something we call “fredagsmys”. Translated it’s something like “cosy Friday”.  In particular popular with families. The typical “fredagsmys” to finish the working week consists of taco/fajita dinner, wine for mum and dad,  followed by crisps and soft drinks in front of the TV watching Idols, or later in the winter Let’s Dance.

We are not very good yet att “fredagsmys”, we do sit in front of the TV, but eat pretty much anything, and wine… well, that doesn’t happen very often anymore. Perhaps our kids are too small yet or we may have lived abroad too long.

Anyway, tonight at least we try. After vacuumcleaning the house, and having some pasta salmon/pesto and water we are enjoying Idol and zapping to an ice-hockey game and eating popcorn.

I’m accompanying my popcorn with a nice Fayrouz bought at the lovely Swedish institution, the monopolised Systembolaget (which deserves it’s own post). As I still avoid alcoholic drinks, this is an alcoholfree alternative I definitely recommend.




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