Pretty in Pink

I’m not a pink lady. The chance of catching me wearing pink or something flowery is very slim. I’m more the blue jeans marine stripes type of girl. Love blues. And so does Ava. Well, she doesn’t really have a say in that yet, but as I dress her, she likes blue. Blue clothes, blue Baby Bjorn, blue stroller. Until recently…

In baby world, as I have learned, blue = boy. So while we were enjoying a great coffee & crepe at the local farmer’s market a lady joined us. She complimented me on my handsome fella. A true ladiesman flirting with the girls already. Boy boy – it’s a girl! A girl? But why doesn’t she wear pink then, or have earrings? So when I was shopping at HEMA I passed a large stand with pink onepieces on offer. So to avoid further confusion, and earrings are a bit premature, we add pink! Does she now look like a girl?



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