Is she eating solids yet?

Is she eating solids yet? Is the question I’ve been asked numerously since Ava turned 4 months. Taken the advice of the Department of Health into account, we decided to wait until she starts showing signs to be ready for weaning. We are no specialists so luckily books provide you with whole checklists. So as Ava has been sleeping 7-7 for 2 months now, drinks about 250-300 ml per feed, chews fiercely on her hands, my fingers, nose, or any toy she can get her hands on, has her first set of teeth, weighs over 15 pounds – we figured she might be ready for the real deal. Today she had her first baby rice which she absolutely loved. Big smile, grasping for the spoon for more.
So now I’m diving in recipe books and websites with baby recipes to pick out her first meal. Nerdy me has even made an excelsheet with the flavors for the coming weeks. This week baby rice, next week carrots & pears. Whoohoo never been so excited about fruit & vegetables. Now let’s see if my baby shares my love of food!



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