El Bulli Vacu Wrapper – limited edition only

I love going to the movies. Always have, always will.
However, The last couple of months it’s been a bit more challenge to find the time to see all I want to see, in particular when it’s a limited release. So when I stumbled in the Kookboekwinkel on the DVD “El Bulli – Cooking In Progress” my heart jumped for joy.

Installed in front of the tv, with a Banana Lime dessert from Ferran Adria’s book “The Family Meal” (meals I can handle in the kitchen, unlike his El Bulli cooking) in my hand I was ready to enjoy the masters cooking. Recipe after recipe I saw dissapear in the vacuum food sealer for Ferran Adria to taste. My mind drifted off and brought me to a future where a bold, overweight, angry, Spanish-mumbling Ferran Adria is selling the “El Bulli Vacu Wrapper”. So move over George Foreman Grill, The Bulli is coming!



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