Time flies…

… when you have kids. For instance, I’ve been trying to write this post since yesterday. You can think of 10,000 things you like to do.

It also hit me that Luna already has been with us five months and can sit and do fart sounds. It feels like yesterday we brought her home. And it also feels like last week Luca was a little baby boy and we were still counting his ever-growing vocabulary. His vocabulary is still growing, but there is no way we can keep up with all new words. He has started to ask if he can bring friends home, his social network is growing and becoming more important and influential. For me it’s so weird, he is just a baby to me still (and probably always will be).

Still we can do more and more things with him, like baking. He likes that. Or going grocery shopping, he says grown up things like “we are out of Cheerios”, and “we need candy” and drives his own cart. Or just talking. And soon Luna will be there too. I hope I often remember to slow down, stop thinking, planning and analysing now and then and just look at them, try to freeze the moment. Forget of all the things I’d like to do, as they are really not that important.

A little worker shoveling snow


Result of baking with Luca, saffron buncake!


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