I’m terrible

Yes, I am. I have a terrible sweet-tooth and this time of year brings out the worst in me. I just can’t stop baking and eating sweets! Actually, I don’t even have to bake it myself even though I prefer to. And I hate to admit it but I even eat some in secret, yesterday I got caught by my husband. He noticed that there were a lot fewer biscotti in the jar…

With my “multi-cultural” background I have a few things that all represent Christmas that I like to eat.

From Chile, where I’m born, we have a nice fruit Christmas cake which I unfortunately haven’t had for years.

From Italy, where my grandfather was from, we have the panettone. And my preferred cake, though harder to get hold of, the pan forte.

From my time in Amsterdam, I like the chocolate-coated pepernoten and the gevulde spekulaas. Yum!

And mince pies from my time in England. My husband was in London to watch some football a week or so ago so it was a great opportunity to get home a bit of English Christmas spirit – directly from M&S’s kitchen.

Today we celebrate Saint Lucia, we spent the early morning (7.30 am!) at Luca’s pre-school watching the 1-5 year olds dressed as Lucias and santas sing Christmas carols outside before sunrise. Great way to start the day!

The day is though not complete without “lussebullar” (saffron buns, I guess). So, waiting for the dough to rise. Picture of the result to follow. But I won’t stop there, no, I’ve actually made a list of all goodies I want to make between now and the 24th. Here it is:

  • More saffron biscotti
  • More cinnamon biscuits
  • Fudge
  • Chocolate caramelised almonds
  • Rocky road

This should probably be enough, don’t you think?


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