On the dot!

Punctuality has never been my strong suit. I’ve always been quite a chaotic person which manifested itself in messy desks and me being late. Never felt guilty about it though. I actually felt good about, simply because of a job interview in my early twenties. When asked what my flaws were I answered in all honesty that I can be quite chaotic. My interviewer -a creative agency man- replied that chaos and lack of punctuality is a by-product of a creative mind. Instantly all guilt was lifted. I felt proud of my messy desk and tardiness. It was the sole proof of my creative mind and, moreover, it was beyond my control. I mean honestly, being creative sounds much better than being punctual, right?

So how do I end up in a shower contemplating the best way to spend my daily 40 minutes – shaved legs or conditioned hair – when Ava is taking a morning nap. On the dot that is. As, unlike her mom, she is quite punctual.



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