Oh Holy Sweet!

Yes, I have to make some advertising for these girls. I saw their blog and totally fell in love with their stuff. Their baking-goods were so pretty I couldn’t care less how they tasted (they taste as good as they look). When we decided to have Luna’s christening in Stockholm, I just knew I had to order something from them. Anything. My budget didn’t allow for much extravagance (even though I really had to kick my self no to order more). We ended up with cute yellow cake pops (cardemom-chocolate with a hint of caramel, lovely!) and pink bodysuits cookies – to match the invitations and Thank-you-cards designed by an old colleague, Martina. We also had other homemade goodies but this post isn’t about that.

When I saw they were featured in a baking magazine I just had to buy it, there are some nice recipes there.

Soon there will also be an adorable small café/boutique/showroom opening up around the New Year, if you are in Stockholm drop by! I know I definately will! (Adress: Holy Sweet, Artillerigatan 56 (Östermalm))


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