What to get a 5 month old for Christmas?

Luna is now 5 1/2 month old. She is a second child. This means we have a house full of toys already and that she is too small to make a wish-list for Santa. I find it a bit unnecessary to start buying loads for future use, since she will be getting stuff for her birthday and the next Christmases to come and anytime inbetween. Still she should have a few packages of her own, of course. So, what should we get her? Let’s think of her interests at the moment…

  1. Putting stuff into her mouth.
  2. Banging stuff and making noise.
  3. Play with small labels.
  4. Preference for stuffed toys (we’re happy the stuffed baby toys finally are coming into use, as her big brother was never keen on them)

We went shopping, there is a lovely little toyshop in Umeå. You can be there for hours, you want to bring the whole store home. They keep things that you don’t find at any toy’s store like this lovely Thilde elephant we ended up with; she can look at it, eat it, play with the labels and it’s almost her size. I think she will love it! And I’m throwing in a couple of books too, you can never go wrong with that.


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