My sister would so not approve of this!

My middle sister is a health maniac, she doesn’t eat sugar or sweets or pastas, potatoes, well it’s a long list. She eats loads of veggies, raw food and sweets based on dried fruits and nuts. I’m not saying it’s bad, a lot of the stuff is quite nice, but I wouldn’t give up on my “normal” diet. I guess her obsession with healthy foods is a reaction to the rest of our family being so incredibly into sweets. With any of the rest of us around, anything sweet will not have a lifespan  longer than a few days. This is particularly true when the whole family comes together; whenever we come to visit, for holidays or birthdays.

I found this recipe for peanut-butter fudge, and I just had to make it. This is indeed pure indulgence. Here is the result.

There are more delicious looking recipes where this one came from. If you are curious, check out the Hovkonditorn blog! (she writes in both Swedish and English)

Next time, I think I will make these cookie dough truffles!

Foto courtesy of Hovkonditorn


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