A. is loving her cooked veggies, but everytime I taste them – not a fan. Never been very keen on cooked vegetables. Like them raw, like them roasted, but cooked I always find them a bit mushy, dull, tasteless… But as a good mom I follow the instructions and cook the carrots, pumpkin, patatoes for 15 minutes, mash them up, ready to be served. So this was what I was planning to do with yesterday’s leftover vegetables from my favorite stew. While I was cutting them up I thought why not roast them? Could not think of a good reason why cooking is better than roasting. Some googling resulted in two roasted pumpkin babyfood recipes by leading websites, giving me the confidence – yes we do not want to be a “crap” mom – to serve it. So today same veggies, but roasted! I might even enjoy the tasting now.


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