My bed career

My bed career, if you can call it that, has been a modest one.

Started off with a single 90 cm bed like most people. I spent most of my twenties and early thirties in a modest 140 cm double bed, quite happy with that. Guess that when you are young(-er) and in love, you don’t mind being a bit cramped. It’s kind of cosy (and there wasn’t space for a bigger bed).

Guess the exception was my built-in four-poster 2×2 m bed in my Oudeschans apartment in Amsterdam with the mirrored wardrobes and wall… Ironically, I was single then. (Yes, that place was weird, but it was central with a low rent).

When my husband (still feels weird calling him “husband”) and I moved moved back to Sweden,we got a bigger house with a more spacious bedroom so we decided to splash out on a 160 cm bed. Those extra 20 cm felt so luxurious!

Then, two became three and the bed started to feel a little small. Still it worked, as the years went by and now we don’t even get kicked so often anymore. So, we didn’t upgrade to a larger bed (plus I really really like the frame). But now, certain nights there are four of us. Sharing 160 cm. This is 40 cm per person, on a good night that is. Our two smaller family members take a lot more space than you’d expect by their size.

I sometimes wonder if I dreamt about that feeling of space. Guess this is a sign we should get a bigger bed, the room is big enough. And perhaps an extra mattress to have under the bed, just in case. Small people tend to grow…

What kind of bed do I want instead? Have some research to do, and then maybe I should sleep on it.



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