Coupon lady

That’s what I’ve become. I say it with a mix of pride and horror. Proud of me being thrifty, and horror  because I, well, just never thought of myself as someone who goes shopping with coupons. Feels so, I don’t know; kind of boring and unexciting.

Still, I like to focus on the thrifty side of things. Some people would say that my motto is “I shop therefore I am”. I personally don’t think I’m that bad. I do like, however, to make a good bargain. And before things are on sale, they are on coupon.

This is a selection of loyalty cards.

I get offers sent home, by email or to my phone. Perfect little pieces of paper to bring to on a visit to town. Sometimes they get used, sometimes they don’t. Just nice to have just in case I find that perfect bargain. Today two coupons were used, and a cash-back check. A good day!

Well, it was also a good day because I had a nice visit to work me and Luna met Santa! And the day wasn’t even ruined by the train being delayed both on the way to Umeå and back.


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