While I was away…

It’s been quiet on my side. Holidays and family visits kept me busy. We combined one of these visits with a day trip to my favorite hometown Maastricht. Born and raised in the South of Holland and even though I’ve been living & loving Amsterdam for over a decade now, Maastricht holds a sweet spot in my heart.

Too bad it was raining all day, but it gave us a good excuse to start with a lushes lunch at restaurant Flo. We celebrated New Year’s Eve last year in brasserie Flo in Paris so lots of good memories.


The decor and ambiance of that night are tough to match, but two thumbs up for a superb onion soup. So if you are in Maastricht try it!

All warmed up we were ready to go into town. Well, not really in town we stayed in my favorite suburb of Maastricht “Wyck”. As we were driving home that same night and A. still had to eat we had about two hours to spend. Naturally I had to stock up on some Southern favorites which include Aachener Printen, the chocolate and natural version, and Nonnevotten, eaten during Carnaval but also for New Year’s Eve.

And no trip to Wyck is complete without some shopping in the Rechtstraat. Usually I just shop food, and clothes for me in Maastricht but since A. is born we can add baby stuff to that list. Stumbled upon a try baby everything cool thing shop called Heppie & Ko


Loved everything, but we managed to love with moderation and limit our purchases to three items (stimulated by the signs buy 1 get 30%, buy 2 get… ). Fell in love with two for me new brands, namely Aymara and Maan. Safe to say, we will be back! When does the next sale start?

Final stop to stock up on some more food, wine & cheese is always Le Salonard. We are nuts about their nutbread, have delicious cheeses and I’m chauvinistic enough to always buy some bottles of local white wine. And let’s not forget some financiers for the trip home. Hmmm, we do need to come here more often.



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