Latest Mini Rodini collection out!

One of my favourite brands for kids clothing is Mini Rodini. Part of their spring/summer collection is already available at Oiidesign. Love the charming prints, 80’s colours and the wildlife-meets-city-life feel. Too bad it wasn’t out a little bit earlier, then I could have bought a couple of pieces to boost the kids vacation wardrobe (so […]

Me, me, me

Today I had some me-time. I had my first hairdressers appointment in 6 months (!), a little bit overdue. It was so good to finally get rid of my lovely three-coloured do (my natural roots, the coloured bit, and the white hairs starting to show up again). To just sit there for two hours, just doing […]

I <3 Bread

I love bread. A Dutch lunch typically consists out of bread with cheese (go figure), meat, sweets or a combination. When I moved to Amsterdam it surprised me that there were so few places that sell good bread. Good bread is 100% subjective, I know. Two years ago I discovered the Gebroeders Niemeijer. They love […]