Are we there yet?

Yesterday we travelled home. It’s normally a long trip by car from Stockholm to where we live. Once upon a time, pre-kids, it took us about 6-7 hours. Then Luca came, and the trip all of a sudden took us 7-8 hours. Now we have Luna, and the trip is now 8-9 hours.

It’s all in the stops. Now we have to stand in line to the facilities at least twice as there are more of us “going”, plus one needing changing. It’s the feeding, eating, playing, and bribing. It takes time. I imagine that when Luna is a little older, the whole trip taking us even longer. She is now starting eating solids, but we have been tactical on our trips just giving her a bottle and breastfeeding. Soon, she won’t take that. She loves food too much, she will demand it. And feeding takes time.

Anyway, yesterday it tooks us 10,5 hours to get home. And it wasn’t the stops. So it was a lot of extra time in the car. It was the damn weather. Here are a few snapshots of the last leg of the trip from about 18.40-23.10… (normally it’s just 2,5 hours).

So glad to be home. And glad there were no fussing, they could have done that the younger ones. They were very good.

Curious about the weather we had today? Needless to say it was sunny and very calm.


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