Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

From the moment we found out we were having a baby, people have been asking and reminding us to enroll A. in daycare as waiting lists are long and places are scarce. When friends started to pull their hair four months into my pregnancy when we told them we hadn’t gotten around to it yet – the truth is I was stalling it terribly as I was no where near ready to think about giving my baby away before even meeting her- we finally enrolled. We enrolled at 5 organisations, and a total of 11 locations, spread over 3 suburbs of Amsterdam. For some we had to pay a registration fee, others not. We received confirmation letters that A. was registered and to please not contact them, they will contact us when a spot was available. This is almost a year ago.

We registered A. per October 1st 2011. We sent birthcards letting the centers know she was born and yes we are still interested. To this date we have not heard back from one.

A. has started daycare this week. How did that happen? In October we decided it was a good moment to start, we visited our “first choices”, picked one, called and called for one week, and we were in. So to parents out there that are still waiting for that call – start stalking!


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