Changing direction

New year, new propositions. We go with the flow and start the year trying to cut back on the unhealthy stuff. Considering the amount of candy I made together with other baked goods, it simply is time for moderation.

As I’ve mentioned on an earlier post, I have a sister that doesn’t eat sugar and other stuff. So, in an attempt to turn me around I got the Babycakes book by Erin Mckenna for Christmas, together with some organic Aguave syrup and some kind of alternative flour. I’m open for new suggestions, and if it’s healthy I guess I can try these cakes…

So, while my big guy and the little one where out shoveling some snow and as Luna watched – I baked. I went for an easy choice, Rasperry scones as most ingredients were stuff I recognise, I don’t find spelt flour exotic anymore. There are  though still some stuff in the book I’m trying to figure out what it, is like Xanthan gum, and where to get it (remember, I live in the middle of nowhere). I’m definetely out of my comfort zone here. Baby steps.

Anyway, the result? Not so bad actually. I just need to get a more neutral alternative to virgin canola oil (as I didn’t have coconut oil as the recipe said). But besides that, quite good!

What about the sourdough? It became Manhattan Sourdough bread today. Tomorrow I see if I succeed with a levain.

And just because it was so beautiful, I’ll throw in a picture of the moon. Now, back to cooking dinner.


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