62 going on 74

A week or so ago, before we went to Stockholm, it hit me that Luna no longer is a size 62. All her little dresses were more like long sweaters and I had a whole lot of nice things in her closet in size 68 to bring out. I realised that those clothes weren’t as big as I thought. In fact, I realised they wouldn’t be worn too long. I could actually even start using some of the smaller clothes in 74 as well. How did this happen? Did she grow almost two sizes in a couple of weeks? Or was it me?

Thinking back, Luca always wore clothes that were a little too big. I started trying out solid foods with him early etc. etc. With her, I’ve been hesitant of not starting too early. She is so small! Well, not smaller than he was… so what is the difference?

I guess is that with my first born, I always thought there would be another baby. He was first, and every new phase was so exciting and for the first time. It still is exciting, but this time could be the last time.

I’m realistic, I’m nearer 40 than 30, that’s a fact. The energy levels are not what they used too. So, I try to savour every bit of my time with my precious little baby, who grows bigger by the day. At the same time, I try not to miss anything in my little man’s life, because being 3,5 years old is actually quite exciting. Specially since he already is a 104 going on 110. I though they grew slower after a certain age…


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