Baby Swimming Scarcity

This morning our alarm went off at 6:30 AM. Not for work or to catch a plane, but to stand in line on time to get a hold of a subscription for babyswimming. Stand in line? – you might wonder. Yes. Last week I called our local swimming pool Het Marnixbad, to inform on which days they offer swimming for babies.

I’ve been swimming with A. since she’s four months in the Zuiderbad, a gorgeous swimming pool situated in the Museum Quarter (definitely worth a visit if you are in Amsterdam). Loved to stay there, but wrong day now A. is going to daycare and unfortunately quite a hastle to reach from my part of town with a 6-month-old baby. Het Marnixbad is literally around the corner and offers babyswimming three days a week so it makes much more sense to go there. As they offer babyswimming from the age of 6 months and up (Zuiderbad from 4 months), we had to be patient.

The receptionist answers they offer babyswimming on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Tickets go on sale this monday January 9 at 7 AM. Surprised as I am with the receptionist naming the specific time the tickets go on sale, I jokingly ask if I should camp outside with a sleepingbag to get a subscription (remeniscing my pre-internet concerttickets camping). On which he responds dead serious that it is advisable to be there no later than 7 AM. And so it happens… Well, I have to add the note that not I but my man was up and about at 7 AM.

As I was still somewhat in disbelief, I was pinging vigoriously with my man to get a realtime update of the ticket situation. Yes there is a line, but we have a good position. Which day did you want?, he asks. Thursday!!!, I pingscream. My Blackberry is silent… and then I hear the familiar ping. With great anticipation I open my ping. Yes yes yes!!! We have tickets!!! Never been so happy to go swimming. Scarcity Marketing?



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