Getting ready to travel!

Once upon a time, when the only person I had to think of was me. Travel was easy breezy. Book, pack and go away! I could leave my bags unpacked for as long as I wanted after I came home. Annoying to some, perhaps. But it was all about me. And sometimes that significant other.

Now, it’s a different story. We still like to travel but the easy breezy part is long gone.

Book? Price is an issue when there are 4 of you, you need to shop around.

Pack? Planning is key. You have a bigger allowance as there are more of you, but there are still just two people doing the carrying (well, actually one as the other one needs to look after the children).To summarise, you need a plan and to rationalise at your own cost for the benefit of a full carry-on pharmacy, some diapers and baby food for the first couple of days, lots of small clothes and don’t forget enough välling* for the full length of the trip!

Ah! Don’t forget about the carry on luggage. Forget a book and magazines. You can only fit kids stuff – the longer the flight, the more things – diapers, babyfood, bottle, in-flight entertainment etc.etc. And when they sleep, that’s the only thing you want to do too.

Go? Well, just do it! As Nike would say.

With less than three weeks until we leave the cold for a moth, I’m all about writing lists, checking that the summer clothes fit, filling up the travel pharmacy and buying appropriate sun protective clothing. Guess those years of project managing for a living come in handy now. Bring on the holiday! I’ll be ready!

*Välling is kind of a more liquid porridge which is extremely. Very hard to find found anywhere else in the world. It’s great though, the kids love it and even when they go through stages of not eating food, they seldom say no to välling. Since it’s has lots of minerals and vitamins added, if that’s the only think they eat at least it’s nutricious.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready to travel!

    • Sure Maria! 🙂 We’re going to Singapore to visit friends and a few days in Bali. Would love to come to Mallorca, probably the only person in Sweden who’s never been!

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