Knocked out

By a cold. For a week. I can’t even remember when I last felt this bad, all I know is that it has to have been before 2008 (i.e. before Luca). I know for sure I could not have had a child at the time, I would remember that. It’s not so much the being sick part that is the worse. I know what to do – drink, rest and if it gets bad, take a painkiller. It’s the fact that you can’t really do it full-time. In between you still need to make sure the little ones are fed, dry, happy. The basics. It’s not all about me. Anyway, I’ve survived (like most of us do) and I guess I must be getting better as 1. I’m writing, and 2. I’ve made muffins (healthy zucchini muffins). Two things I wouldn’t even dream of doing a couple of days ago. The most important thing though, that all may hand washing hopefully will pay off – so far, it’s just me (knock on wood).

So, how was the whole-spelt/flax-meal/no-sugar-but-aguave-syrop/zucchini muffin taste like? Surprisingly good. A little bit too much salt for me, will adjust next time. Plus that I think some nuts or sunflower seeds would be nice in it too, but not a bad way to eat your veggies, not bad at all.



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