That thing called love

It’s pretty amazing when you have kids how your hart opens up. And that it’s able to open up again, just as much. When pregnant I wondered if it would be possible to love the new baby as much as the first. In theory I knew you could, because I’ve seen it but it was hard to imagine, weird because at the same time the love was there all the time.

At least once a day, I have an aha-moment. Both kids obviously at their cutest, at the same time. And I just feel the love, the pride and the joy that I get to be the mum to these lovely little persons. It’s really silly, my eyes fill up with tears and I have to swallow.

First now, I understand so much more about my parents. All the times that my dad would go anywhere, at anytime to pick any of us three girls up. He would not be happy about it, but he did it. It always felt like the grumpiness was a game. Now I can appreciate the gesture, he didn’t have to do it and if we were old enough to be out, we were old enough to come home with public transport.

And all the times I would be annoyed at my mum looking at me puppy-eyed when I came home from Amsterdam or London. Never really able to understand what the heck I had to do so far away. She never said anything, but I knew she always wondered why I just couldn’t come home.

Now I know it was just love.And I can say I’ll be just as protective and annoying. Hope my kids understand.

Anyway, so, this was the cheesiest post ever. But hey, I’m still breastfeeding and my hormones are still all over the place. And I just love my little ones (even though they also are probably the people who also best know how to annoy me – but I guess that’s love too).


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