A Dutch Treat

For months all A. could eat was milk. Since 5 months we started introducing solids. Safe solids, mild fruits & veggies. Adding something new day by day.

And then this morning while I was baking pancakes, it hit me. A. can eat pancakes. All of the ingredients are approved for a 7 month year old. So this morning I flipped not two, but three pancakes in the air. I covered hers with my favorite Southern Dutch treat – Stroop – which makes them sweet & sticky. She absolutely loved it. Naturally most of the food ended up on the floor, those fine skills still need to improve, but she visible enjoyed the bits & pieces that reached her mouth. And what’s more fun than eating the same food as the big people!

Me, I love pancakes, and I guess most of the Dutch do as we have tons of pancake restaurants & boats in our country. My favorite in Amsterdam is Pancakes Amsterdam in one of my favorite neighborhoods (in which I’ve lived for over 10 years so yes a bit prejudiced 🙂 ) – the 9 straatjes (nine streets) – on which I can write a whole new blog. If you think about it, it’s quite amazing that every country has it’s own pancake style. The thick Americans in the US, crepes in France, blini’s in Russia.

We always eat the easy-to-measure pancakes:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 egg

Mix the ingredients (if it feels to thick add a bit of extra milk), take a flat thin pan, heat it hot, add a bit of butter (not necessary but we like the buttery flavor), poor the batter in, and bake both sides till light brown (or as you prefer). For advance pancake baking you turn the pancake by flipping it in the air. Applause guaranteed!

Me, I love stroop on pancakes, and so does A. now. Other favorites are: powder sugar, jam. Or you can make them hearty with cheese… or even better with Stroop & Cheese!



4 thoughts on “A Dutch Treat

    • Oh … and I was always a big fan of the ham kaas variety. But then again, they don’t sell stroop saus here, so I can’t double check my feelings.

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