We are back!

Well, not really. But we are at least in the “right” country. In Stockholm visiting my family before continuing our trip home tomorrow. Will be nice to sleep in my own bed again!

Summing it all up, we had a great holiday. I had my worries about travelling to a big city as they aren’t always very child-friendly but Singapore was a hit. Luca says we’re going back in three weeks, I wish!


Bali, well, it was Bali. Perhaps a little too hot, and not enough places with air-con for our needs (Luna developed a heat-rash from the  30+ degree celcius temperatures). But still, we had a nice relaxing time hanging by the pool at our lovely little hotel.

Sanur Beach

Anyway, more to come when we’re settled at home again. But I can say this, those comfy packaged holidays we loved when Luca was younger? No more our first choice, even if we did appreciate the two all-inclusive holidays we’ve had. They were right for us then, when we wanted to go to exotic places but were insecure about travelling with small children. But, we now remember why we preferred putting our own holidays together and realise that you can still do that with young children, you just need to slow your pace and do things they enjoy too. It takes a lot more planning and research, but for us, that’s part of the fun.



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