Cute from Noa Noa

I’m not always all for cute. I normally avoid pastels and main stream cuteness with some exceptions. One of them is the Danish brand Noa Noa, I can’t help falling for the romantic style of their kids line. Check out more of their kids clothes on Oiidesign! (yes, I am a loyal customer of theirs)   […]

What’s your story?

When you are a mix of whatever, race and/or nationality. You want your children to be proud of their origins. I find it great how the world grows smaller and someone, like myself can be born in Chile eventually will have two kids with a Sweede who she met whilst she was living in Amsterdam […]

Parental radio support

On the swedish radio channel P4, they feature a program called “Knattetimmen” (roughly translated “toddler time” (thanks Kim :-)). The program idea is very simple – parents phone in or send email with questions about parenting, child development, how to talk to children about difficult things such as death, separation etc. Well, the list goes […]