and Bali…

To get to Bali was like a culture shock after well-organised Singapore.

We stayed in Sanur which is known as the child-friendly beach. The beach was child-friendly but to be honest it didn’t beat the small pool at our cute little hotel Pondok Ayu.

The hotel was about a 10-15 min walk from the beach and main street, but it was quite an adventurous walk. We had to cross a road with quite some heavy traffic and that wasn’t the easiest with a 3,5 yr old and a pram. Luckily we didn’t have to do it again, we just used the free car service offered by the hotel.

I guess my problem was that I had “Eat, Pray, Love” in my mind and it wasn’t as I imagined. And 10 days here was a little too much. It was a little bit too hot (above 30 degrees celcius) and Luna didn’t cope too well (got a heat rash). Still, we did have a lovely time. The high-lights here were:

  • Our hotel! It was a small 5 room hotel, simple but with 5 star service by the “nice girls”.  Their banana pancakes and the club sandwich! Yum! And the lovely little pool, Luca had a lot of fun here.
  • Prices. Very cheap!
  • Being spoiled. Well, that was just me – got two manicures and pedicures in 10 days.
  • The people and culture. Everyone was so friendly and chatty!

Something we didn’t like was the beach side restaurants. Great location, too bad it’s spoiled by boring bland food. We tried three places before giving up on the beach joints. Much better food elsewhere.

So, even though it wasn’t the paradise we expected. It was some great and very relaxing 10 days. With bigger children you can travel around more and do some more activities like surf school. Our children were too small and as there is not that many places with air con, we had to spend a little too much time in our room hiding from the worse heat.


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