Rainbow Bubbles

Everyday (well almost…) A. takes a bath before going to sleep. When she was just born she would lay in the water completely relaxed. Eyes closed, muscles relaxed. But the older she gets, the more active she becomes. These days it feels like she is performing a circus-act. Up, down, back, front. Hand, feet splashing in water. While mom & dad try to keep her above water. But what a fun!

When I passed my favorite neighbourhoodbabystore What’s Up Baby I spotted a Froggy bath mat in the window. That would save some slippery moments in the bathtub! At the cashregister the owner’s mom suggested to not buy a bath mat, but a bath seat. Highly recommended by both her daughter and 10 month old granddaughter. What better reference can we have. So bye bye Froggy and hello bath ring.

On my way home I passed this original toystore in the Westerstraat “Mechanisch Speelgoed”. A store you could only dream of when you were a kid. Toys everywhere, from the floor till the ceiling, ladders around the sides to reach those toys tucked away at the top.
“Bubbles” – I thought. We need bubbles for the bath!
And so I stepped into this magicle world and amongst all the toys, small and little, I found a Rainbow Bubble Maker for € 1,25.

A. is already a big fan of the bath ring, even though she still ends up in somewhat odd positions. The bubbles cause big eyes. She stares at them with a mix of curiousity, laughter & disbelief. Trying to grab the bubbles they…. dissappear!

Hello world 🙂




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