On long distance friendships…

It just hit me, that only last week we were on the other side of the planet. I had a “night off” and went out my dear friend R. for a lovely dinner and good conversation. It feels like it was more than a week ago.

Time and space is a weird equation. It’s like everything that is “here” is “now” and the rest is “then” and “there”. Internet is good, it does make the world smaller, but at the same time it doesn’t. It doesn’t even get close to the real thing, the connection you get when you meet live, nothing beats meeting up.

I have my best friends all over the place – London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Stockholm…. Unfortunately, I only get to meet a couple of them a year, here or there. Most of us have children, and it’s so great when we meet up to see when our kids get along too. But it also saddens me that they don’t see more of each other, but they will develop their own friendships perhaps with each other. I do hope though they will learn from us what a good friendship is about, that it doesn’t matter where you are or how often you meet. With real friends, you can meet up for 5 minutes every 5 years and still get so much out of it! It’s like you don’t even need to talk. They know you.

So, my friends, even if I always feel sad when we say goodbye. I know you will always be there for me, and that we always have next time to look forward to.

I know, this is kind of mushy and weepy. But, everytime I see one of you I’m reminded of how much I miss all of you. So there, I’m done. I promise I will be more fun next time 🙂

Miss you and love you x


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