Baby App of the Week

A.’s interest in things is growing each day. Including my iPad. So I figured it might be a good idea to pimp out my iPad with some baby apps. I entered the brilliant search command “what apps do babies like” into Google and quickly stumbled upon a world of fora where moms – and some dads – share their thoughts about apps. I was hoping to get some great insights into the most fun apps, which I got, to save myself a search through the appstore, but also a lot of the comments were related to whether or not it is appropriate for a baby to be exposed to an iPad. Comments as: “what’s wrong with a book, it kills the imagination, why not just give crayons” – are often heard.
It made my wonder. Where do I stand. The apps I’ve seen so far had a nice combo of entertainment & learning. I found them to be far more interactive & fun than a tv. And aren’t tablets part of this generation (do I start to sound like a Pepsi commercial?). So I guess we welcome them, with moderation.

So My app of the week is: Sound Touch.
It’s very easy. You see a drawn image of e.g. a bird, you touch it and you hear the sound of the bird plus you get to see an actual picture. They have various categories : animals, music instruments, household appliances, means of transportation, etcetera. Quite fun to play with your man as well!





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