Best Baby Buy

As A. is getting bigger I was sorting out her things, again!, that she does not use or fit anymore. Amazed I was with all the stuff we have boxed already. It made me wonder from all the babystuff we have which product has been the most used & useful. What product would I recommend a friend to get. There is one that stands out, because it leaves all the smells unnoticed, our Diaper Champ.

i have to give R. credit for this one. While I was gazing over babyclothes he kept going on about a good “diaper trash solution”. Checking out the different diaperbins this one was the Rolls Royce. At the time it seemed complete nonsense, but I have to review my position. I love how A. stinky, smelly diapers just dissapear.

Hmmm now what has been the most useless buy?



3 thoughts on “Best Baby Buy

  1. Hm, best buy hard one. But I might go with products that help parent and baby when they aren’t well. A forehead (or one for the ear) thermometer – and Näsfrida nasal aspirator for those colds. It was used more with Luca as he went through a few bad colds but it was good.

    • I have a similar one for A. She won’t let me use it however. Have to hold her so firm, but yes after the struggle quite effective 🙂

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