First little shoes

If you can call them that, are the soft sole leather slippers from Bobux. They are made in eco leather, with an anti-slip suede sole. They are easy to put on, and most importantly difficult for the baby to take off (Luna is in the “take-off-my-socks” phase).

I learned with Luca that these are well worth the money, as we went through a bunch of solutions when Luca was this age. They all either fell off or he took them off, or he slipped anyway. They were also great when he started going to daycare.

I’m glad I don’t have the same learning curve! I bought two pairs on sale. One in her current size and one in the next. Aren’t they cute?




2 thoughts on “First little shoes

  1. Good shoes are so important. Bought for A. blue Kiddy Pads, which are great! As she can’t take them of and help her not to slip when she is standing in her box.
    Unfortunately they can’t prevent her from falling on het butt 🙂

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