What’s your story?

When you are a mix of whatever, race and/or nationality. You want your children to be proud of their origins. I find it great how the world grows smaller and someone, like myself can be born in Chile eventually will have two kids with a Sweede who she met whilst she was living in Amsterdam and he in London… what are the odds?  I often talk to Luca about Chile and that me and his aunties and grandparent are born there. We show where it is in the map. Cute to see how he takes it in and brings into his playing, he has his own little Chile in our guest room.

I read about this lovely My roots poster on Babyccino Kids, where you can mark with a cute heart sticker your special places. They are totally customizable so you can choose to have a country poster, a continent or the world so even if you are from different places in the same country you can still highlight that. It’s a lovely idea!

Other cute alternatives that are more focused on the nearest family members, particularly nice when they are far away are Isak’s family tree poster in a lovely retro design where you can put pictures of grandma, grandpa or anyone important to your family and the child.

…and the lovely wallpaper from Mr. Perswall’s Hide & Seek collection.


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