Nice and fresh – avocado pesto pasta

Yesterday I tried this lovely pasta recipe for dinner. I can highly recommend it now that the warmer season is coming along. It’s a nice and fresh dish! Some in the family felt it was a tad too much lemon so if you are not a fan of lemon I suggest you start with zest and juice of half a lemon and taste your way forward. I love lemon, so for me this was delicious as it is! It was also so easy and quick to make, perfect if you need to put something on the table quick!

You can even do a baby version – just mixing together some baby pasta (preferrably a small kind so you don’t have to cut into small pieces, I used risoni, a bit overcooked) with avocado. I used a bit of lemon juice here too, unfortunately someone takes after her father and it wasn’t a real hit. Next time I’ll just mix the pasta with avocado and perhaps some basil.

Picture and recipe from A cozy kitchen


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