More app tips!

The favorite iPad apps around our house are practically anything from Toca Boca. We have a few, but think that within a month of two we’ll have the full set. Luca loves them! They are fun, educational and advertising free. We can recommend these:

Toca Store – Play store and learn the basics about handling money and basic math.

Toca Store title screen (Toca Boca)

Toca House – do fun chores in a cute house (hopefully, this will spill over to your real home!)

Toca House Poster (Toca Boca)

and the one our almost-four-year-old loves the most – Toca Kitchen Monster! Cook for and feed the monsters and see what they like! (and what happens when they don’t like your cooking!)


One thought on “More app tips!

  1. Those Toca Boca people really “get” how children play. We love the kitchen monsters and we have the Doctor, the hair dressing and the Christmas Hair dressing apps too. The Christmas one is free and gives you an idea of how great the full version is.

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