Birthday cake

A. and Luna are only one week apart, so I too have started to obsess about birthday cakes. Luca’s first cake was a “1”, his second a frog, his third a clock (showing 3 o’clock). I can’t make anything twice, she needs her own cake. Finally I know what to do! A butterfly! How cute isn’t this! Check out the instructions here, and there is plenty more ideas where this one came from!

Since I like to make it hard for myself (and because Luna still can’t have milkproducts), I will make an Italian meringue frosting. I think I will make a strawberry sponge (just exchange the milk and butter for milkfree alternatives) and a filling of strawberry purée and a Lemon & Vanilla curd from another mouthwatering blog, Sockerrus. I won’t make a higher cake as I’m afraid it will be fall together when I start cutting and decorating. This seems ambitious enough.

Depending on the number of guests I’ll see if I need to make a second cake or not. Have one in mind already… 🙂


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