Loosing it

No, not my mind. At least not yet… I’m talking about the leftover of the pregnancy weight. As my baby approaches her first birthday so does my deadline. They say that it takes a year to loose the extra kilos. For some, that happens quicker than for others. In my experience and very unscientific opinion there are two types of mums –

1. the ones that loose the weight just by starting to breastfeed (and end up skinnier than before) and

2. the ones that need to fight and go through a tough exercise and dieting regime. This is the group I belong to.

About 6 months after my first pregnancy I wondered why I couldn’t get my jeans pass my thighs. I cried, why wasn’t I loosing the weight?? After about 8 months I had to accept the truth. I wasn’t loosing it. So, I visited a PT. After writing down everything I ate for three days and discussing things through, I got my verdict. I eat pretty healthy food, I just ate a lot of it.

So, after a couple of months of smaller portions and basic exercise like running (which I never done before), by my son’s first birthday I was even a better version than my old self.

This time, having learned my lesson, I wasn’t going to fool myself. Before Luna’s 6 months, I was at my pre-pregnancy weight. And stayed there… unfortunately it was my “comfort” weight and not my optimal weight, so now, few weeks before the one-year-mark, I find myself doing the same. Smaller portions (because I LIKE TO EAT), and basic exercise. I’m getting there with the help of my friends.

Bye bye pouch! Hello MILF! (I hope)



5 thoughts on “Loosing it

  1. I gave myself a one year deadline as well. But still 5 kg over, so I cheated my deadline to my birthday 😉

      • Not finding the first time easy…
        Excercise – I think I finally have to conclude that it might be the only way.

      • Wasn’t easy first time either 😦

        I was losing it, but after Luna’s 2 birthday parties and Fred’s birthday it’s back on 🙂 Start over!

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