Time for hunting

This time of year and right after Christmas I become an animal, a fearless bargain hunter, nothing can stop me. Well, now I’m lying, the thing that actually can stop me is running out of money…

Yes, I’m talking about the SALES.

It’s like a sickness – look for the biggest discounts and shop, shop till I drop. Internet is devious, everything just a click away, it doesn’t even feel like shopping. You are just clicking around, nice pictures. Oh! The kids size! Oh! They can have it next summer! Or this winter when if go on holiday! I stock children’s clothing in my home. Then later when they grow out of their current wardrobe, I can bring out the goodies I’d forgotten I bought. And they’ll look so cute!

What about myself? Well, the bargain hunting used to be about me. Now, perhaps I pick up a dress from the H&M sale for practically nothing. I need to work on this. When I’m back at work, and my economy has improved.

Here I’m stocking up some Mini Rodini and Munsterkids at Oiidesign


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