And then she turned one…

My little baby, no longer a little baby. She turned one this saturday. The day after we returned from almost two weeks in Stockholm being spoilt by my family (all of us). We celebrated with two parties – one in Stockholm with my family and relatives and one here, with family and friends. It’s funny how she knows all the fuzz was for her, but not really getting the whole thing. In any case, she had fun.

One thing I’ve learned is that my daughter has inherited my sweet-tooth. You should have seen her devoured her cake(s)! And we’ve had our fair share of cake the last week, not only did we have the two parties for Luna, but we also celebrated my husbands birthday. So, in total five cakes in one week. Not bad, hey?

For me this means that I haven’t lost it… well, I had, but now it’s back so, just start over.

Anyway, a while back, I wrote about my cake plans. Here is the result, the butterfly cake!


It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased with it. It looks alright, and it tasted good. But mostly I’m pleased because it wasn’t the easiest cake to make. The butterfly shape was the easy part! I made strawberry cakes from Sockerrus (not pink enough, and perhaps a little too dry), and sticky chocolate cake for the middle. The filling was a simple strawberry purée and lemon and vanilla curd. I covered the cake with a Swiss Meringue buttercream, and decorated it with sprinkles and candy. Tadaa!!

The other cake I made was a strawberry elderflower cake, from our lovely TV cook, Leila. To be honest, this cake didn’t come close to the other one. And I was a bit disappointed with the elderflower cream it seemed easier to make. It took me two tries to get it somewhat right. The Swiss meringue was easier to make! Here it is anyway, together with the other cakes, cinamon and rhubarb buns and m&m cookies (I really recommend these!)

Now, time for a coffee and cake leftovers!



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