MILK – it does a body good! Right?

When we switched from breastfeeding to formula A. started having problems with her digestion. Our doctor recommended switching to Soya-formula to see if it improved. We did. And it did. So we sticked to the soya. Now A. is 1. She can have real milk. At daycare they asked what do we want Soy or Cow. Soy seems to work. Will cow work as well. And if yes. How do we feel about cow milk. I’ve been reading up on cow milk online and not all stories are positive. But soy. Nobody drinks soy. We’d have to bring her own to daycare – they only serve cow – do we want to be the exception. Doesn’t she miss all kinds of good nutritions when she doesn’t drink cow milk. After all we’ve all been brought up with the notion that one should drink milk. It does a body good. 

For now we’re undecided. Guess A. has to stick to her formula just a little bit longer until her parents have figured out the pros & cons. Moooo. Image


One thought on “MILK – it does a body good! Right?

  1. Luna is still allergic to cowmilkprotein, so we have special formula, milkfree (but not soy based). To drink she gets water or oats milk (not goat :-)). But I give her soygurt.

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