What to eat??

You know those days, when you are totally uninspired and your head is just blank. When I have those days, it’s good to have some “falukorv” in the fridge. Basically, sausage is a must in my fridge. It’s quick to make, and always, always appreciated.

Personally, I’m not that keen on sausage. But, it’s so damn easy to make! Yesterday I had one of those days. Too little sleep, not the best mood, just not in the mood for cooking. So, it’s “korv stroganoff” time! Yay! Done in less than 30 minutes. Perfect!

This is how you make a “korv stroganoff” à la uninspired mum. It’s not a very exact recipe as I just throw this together, but that’s also the point! This is a classic dish that probably saved the day in many Swedish households, with and without kids. You need:

Sausage approx. 400 g (you can probably buy falukorv at your nearest IKEA store)

Cream, (package 2,5 dl or for leaner version 1-1,5 dl plus some water)

Chili sauce (approx. 0,5 dl, adjust to taste). I use Hellmans

Onion and pepper (optional)

Tomato purée (approx. a table spoon)

Salt and peppar

Cut the sausage into pieces, fry for a few minutes with the veggies. Add cream, tomato purée and chili sauce. Cook up for a little bit (like 10 mins). Season to taste. Done! Serve with rice, or pasta or potatoes and salad. Kids will be happy!

(I know, it doesn’t look that appetizing…)


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