Safety junkies – buying a car seat

That’s what we are in Sweden. Our son is growing out of his rearward facing seat. So it’s time to turn him forward and get him a new chair. This is quite good timing, as Luna then can move out of the baby carrier into a fixed seat.

This means I’ve been pulling my hair looking for information, tests and forums to find out the best product for us. Finally, we’re done. At one point you just have to let go. At the end of the day it’s not much more you can you than make an informed choice that suits your situation. All parents would probably just wrap up their kids in bubblewrap.

The only thing I find a shame looking around, is the tone some people have in forums when people want to turn their 4-year olds and ask for advice from others or just want to discuss the options. People judging others and implying you’re a bad parent and so on. I think it’s so arrogant (and coward) to use the anonymity of the webb to bully people.

Anyway, sometimes, I’m afraid we are over informed. It’s good that we know things but it makes us more of control freaks. Life will happen regardless. We still talk about a family we saw in Bali travelling on a moped. A family of four! Kids not even wearing a helmet. And there we were in a car, Luca seated on the booster seat we brought all the way from home and Luna in her baby carrier. Both extremes. What a contrast. My point is that those people weren’t bad parents. Most of us do the best we can. We probably just had more information. It’s all relative.

Well, I wish I could keep Luca rearward facing a little bit longer, but he is just too tall. So, we’re taking the leap and turning him around. We ended up with this chair (I know it looks like a something you’d go to space in).


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