Green-ish fingers – In memoriam of my Strawberries

This is in memoriam of my poor strawberries. Eaten last night probably by the deers or the wild sheep.

I have no green fingers, though I would like to say I have. Inside our home I’m banned from the plants, I have no responsibility for their wellbeing or even survival (to be honest, I find it enough feeding two kids and a man). But outside, I have convinced myself that I have to have a vegetable patch and that it’s good for the kids to see things grow, and eat them. Also, if you can’t grow anything of your own, what’s the point of having a big garden?

So, my patch is not very ambitious, it’s basically two boxes of about 1,5 square meters each. In one of them we grow strawberries, and in the other we have salad, zucchini, broad beans, peas and beetroot. It doesn’t provide a great harvest, but enough to eat from once or twice (except the salad, that’s more than we can eat). I’m quite proud of my little veggie patches even though I can’t take all the credit for their survival – most of the credit goes to our very very long days during summer, and the occasional rain. Still, this is the third year we grow stuff. And I must say, the patch looks better for each year. Maybe eventually, I can claim to have green fingers at last.




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