The Empress new Hair

I used to be very blonde… until I was about 10 years old. As I grew older, my hair started getting darker. In denial, I colored my hair blond vigoriously. Until I hit my mid-thirties. The natural look was the new me. So I decided. Until I discovered my first grey hair. All of a sudden natural didn’t sit that well with me anymore. So now I am a pretend natural. I spend hours (literally hours – last time I sat there for 4 hours) to look like my hair is an effortless, sun-stroken, wind-brushed strawberry blonde. If only. 


One thought on “The Empress new Hair

  1. Oops! That reminds me, got to make a hairdressers appointment to get the grey out! I now have to make an effort to be my normal mysterious brunette :-)!

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