The First Birthday Cake – “Le Fraisier”

In June I posted a blog about which cake to bake for A.’s first birthday.

I thought I shared the result with you. As strawberries are in season, and A. loves them (who doesn’t?), I chose a traditional French birthday cake “Le Fraisier”.

I got the recipe from patisserie guru’s Michel and Albert Roux fron their book Patisserie . I’d love to share the recipe but it’s too long. And we have this thing called copyright.

The biscuit was nice and airy. The filling – a creme mousseline – was a first time for me, but the result was great. It’s much lighter than a creme patisserie. I can definitely recommend using the creme mousseline instead. Traditionally the recipe is covered with marzipan. But during the chopping of the almonds the food processor crashed – omitting the option marzipan. The give a bit of crunch to the cake, and as we had plenty of almonds laying around, the marzipan was switched for roasted almonds. A very nice alternative!

It’s a recipe to keep!


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