A weekend at Trysunda island

We went on a mini-break this weekend with the family. A little gem a couple of hours from where we live called Trysunda, it’s an island off the High Coast and a nature reserve. You can get there by car and ferry, or by boat. This time we took the ferry but think that we would take the boat if we go back. For us, that would probably be quicker.

We met up with some friends and their kids and spent the night there, quite simple accommodation but for one night it was alright. We brought our own food as the use of the kitchen is included but there is a café where you can buy food if you aren’t in the mood for cooking. You can also buy fresh smoked fish (salmon and whitefish), unfortunately there wasn’t any fish available when we decided to buy. Still, we ate well and had cheese and wine by a fire after the kids went to bed.

The island is not big so a couple of days is enough, but it’s a great place to relax, swim, and just be and enjoy the stunning views. The kids can run around freely (well, except around the harbour) and discover everything! They were exhausted by the time we returned last night, and so were we.

I can only summarise our stay at Trysunda as Swedish summer at it’s best!







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