No more privacy

Now A. is one, it’s time to reflect on the past year. Has my life completely changed, been turned upside down, as predicted. Yes & No. I sleep less, but still enough. My day planner has become my bible, and even though I spend much more time at home, I love almost every minute spent. So what has been the biggest change. Not the sleeping. Nor the constant planning with my man to know who’s where at what time picking up who or making dinner. It’s the end of my privacy. At least on moments when it’s just me & her.

Like the other day. I was shopping, needed to powder my nose, but where do you leave A. Alone in the store – I think not, with a kind stranger – optional, but how nice is this stranger?, on the floor – ever been in a public toilet lately? So there I found myself in the restrooms of the HEMA, with a baby on my lap – singing “clap in your hands” songs – that’s different.


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